Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt

Interrupting all my 'summer quilt finish' blog posts to show you what I've been dabbling with the last week.

I moved my sewing machine to my dining room table so that I could cut and sew for a few minutes here and there.  It's the little things that keep us sane and happy, right?!

I decided to dive right into something impractical, just because I felt like it.  This pattern appealed to me, although I'm generally not a fan of sampler quilts.  I think it's the varying block size and random layout that won me over.  APQ-August-Modern-Building-Blocks-Ad

You can buy kits to make a quilt exactly in these colors, or you can just purchase the pattern booklet.  Of course the whole fun is picking fabrics, so I bought only the pattern. 

We'll see how long it takes to make it!!

Pinwheel Quilt

Another quick finish was this little pinwheel quilt that I made from the fat quarter bundle I put together at FabricSpark a couple months ago.  (I've got a new bundle in the works which I'll show you soon!)

You can find out more about this quilt as well as a simple tutorial on this blog post.

Although this exact bundle is no longer available, you can find some other great fat quarter bundles at FabricSpark.  As an added bonus they are having a fun promotion running until Sept. 14, where you receive a free fat quarter with any purchase of a yard or more of fabric!

Spinning Stars Quilt

This quilt spent a few months bunched up beside my chair as I slowly whittled away at the hand quilting.  It was one of those that just needed to be quilted by hand...

This Spinning Star Quilt Pattern has been on my 'to make' list for a long time.  One evening I just dug in and started it!  It's made mostly from  various Anna Maria Horner fabrics, which automatically gives it that rich glowing feel.

You can get this pattern for free on Anna Maria Horner's website.  I highly recommend it, as it is very easy to sew together.  I had absolutely no trouble matching up corners, and there is nothing fiddly about the piecing at all!  I'd say the hardest part of the pattern is having to cut everything out with templates.  For the amazing impact this pattern has, I'd say it is so worth it!

The back is a voile, and I hand quilted it with bright pink perle cotton.   I made the throw size which finishes around 54"x54".

Personal Update:  We had our baby, a little boy, last week!  Everybody's doing great, and I've already decided to move my sewing machine up to the dining room table for a few weeks so I can fit in a bit of sewing here and there!  I have lots of time to think while I'm feeding the little guy, and the quilt ideas are literally bursting out of me!

Sew Fine Fabrics

Imagine walking into a quilt shop loaded with amazing fabrics, and having the owner walk up to you and say, "I want you to make a quilt with fabrics from my shop.  Choose anything you want."  Now that's a dream!

So that's what happened to me!  Well, basically.  Jodi from Sew Fine Fabrics offered that  I could choose an assortment of fat quarters and make something to show you, with the intent of introducing you to her lovely shop.

This is a win-win for me.  I get to choose the fabric I want, and make a quilt.  I also get to promote a family owned online quilt shop.  It makes me so happy to help support these small businesses that fellow fabric lovers are running from their own homes.

Now on to choosing the fabrics.  I find it a challenge to choose all the fabrics for a particular quilt online.  My usual process is just to buy random fabrics I love, and then pair them from my stash at home.  The reason it can be tricky to put together a bundle just from viewing online is that it's hard (for me at least) to visualize the exact colors and scale of prints and how they'll work together.

Then add in the endless selection of yummy fabrics and how to choose which direction to take?  So I decided my best bet was to make it purposely mismatched, but putting together lots of different shades.  That way, nothing looks like it doesn't fit. 

I was inspired by this quilt, so decided to choose a selection of light colored backgrounds in warm greys and tans.  Then I chose four darker fabrics to make the little diamonds that are randomly scattered throughout.

I first laid out all my 4" background squares, then sewed triangles of the darker fabrics onto the corners of the squares where I wanted my diamonds.  I wanted a random look, so had some of the diamonds disappearing off the edge.

I love this design and definitely want to revisit it again.  As far as the fabrics, I love the way they all worked together in the end!  I think some of these exact prints may be out of stock in Jodi's shop, but there's plenty more lovely ones to replace them.  I love how her aesthetic is so clear, she carefully curates the prints that she adds to make for a lovely selection. 

And she has incredible shipping rates to Canada!  I dare say I haven't seen anything better than $4.50 flat rate shipping!!