Black Friday Sales

Fabric Spark is having a Black Friday Sale.  20% off everything in the store with the coupon code 'woohoo',  The prints above are a few random fabrics that I have in my virtual fabric cart right now over at Fabric Spark.

The second sale I'll tell you about is in my shop, BlueElephantStitches.  Maybe a bit pointless to share here on the blog, as most of you are quilters yourselves and the last thing you want to buy is a quilt:)  Anyways, I'm having a rare sale, 30% off most of the quilts in the shop!  I basically never have a sale, but take advantage of my desire to clear out the shelves and start fresh in January!

Abstract Sister of Modern Prisms

Do the colors in this quilt look familiar?  They're all the leftover fabrics from the last quilt I showed you.  When I cut out all the squares for that quilt, I put all the scraps aside in their own little pile because I just loved this color combo so much.

Then I used exactly those scraps, (and some of the fabrics didn't have any scraps, so that's why the color palette is slightly different) to randomly piece together this top.  I used them ALL up, so the quantities of each color were completely uncontrolled by me.

I really do love the finished quilt.  It's so hard to truly randomly place colors in this way, but on this quilt I forced myself not to balance  colors or overthink the design.  (At least as much as I am able)

This one was finished up months ago but I didn't want to show it to you till it's original partner was complete!

The last photo shows the two sister quilts side by side.  You can see that there weren't many purple scraps left over.

Modern Prism Quilt

I think it was last fall, I saw a photo of Quilt Market and in that photo was hanging a quilt that I fell instantly in love with.

It was in Michael Miller's booth, and so I found out that it was a pattern designed by Tara Faughnan, and available for free on Micheal Miller's website!  By the way, Tara has some other free patterns on their website, and can I say I just love everything she makes?  I can't find her blog anymore, but if you search for her online, you'll see that this quilt pattern is a smaller version of her much larger original quilt.

The original quilt pattern was completely made from Cotton Couture Solids which is Michael Miller's line of solid fabric.  The pattern conveniently lists all the exact colors used.  Luckily I had a color card on hand from the Cotton Couture solids, so I used it to color match as closely as possible to fabrics I had on hand.

I stuck with mostly solids, but I strayed over to subtle prints when I didn't have a solid in a close enough shade.

This pattern is a lot of half square triangles, but I pieced them all last winter over the course of a few lazy days.  I used my one scrumptious piece of Velveteen as backing. Pinned it together and started handquilting it.  And then it sat and sat all summer, and now over the course of a few fall evenings I finished up the hand quilting.

Let's just say that this quilt is SO my kind of quilt.  I just love it, the colors and the way they move around the quilt.  Thanks to Tara for such a great design!

I had almost convinced myself to sell this quilt.  After all, I just don't need any more quilts!  And then I noticed something sad.

Yes, that's right!  I had to piece the back, and that crazy Velveteen unraveled at one spot.  I pieced this back last winter, so I don't remember how I did it, although I know I will have used a 1/2" seam.  Obviously that wasn't enough, and I should have serged it as well as used a larger seam width!  Even if I could come up with a good way to fix it, I don't feel good about selling it as the seam runs the entire width of the quilt, and I don't know how close to unraveling the rest of the seam is.

So it's an easy decision!  This one is staying here, and I'm really happy about it:)  I haven't decided yet how I'll fix it, but maybe I'll fray check heavily along the exposed seam and then hand sew a cute little patch over it? 

Simply Retro - Churn Dash

Another little quilt from Simply Retro!  I've been staying true to quilts from this book, but as Christmas approaches there will be deviations from the course!  At the moment I'm working on customer orders which are not from this book, and also finishing up old projects, so I plan to resume my Simply Retro challenge after Christmas!

I'm not meaning that I won't be blogging, as I have lots to show you!